A Hunting Room – What Everyone Needs

When you study old houses, it’s amazing how labour intensie those kitchens and laundries used to be.  I help out at a heritage house ad pat of the attraction is to see the ewly opened ‘below stairs experience’.   The Butler’s Pantry starts that part of the tour off – where the footmen used to take instructions and prepare light breakfasts for the many guests.  They also had to wash and wipe everything up by hand.  The masses of silverware was done in that pantry too.  Cleaned after every meal – instructions read to handle each piece individually lest any fork or knife should become scratched.  Then there’s the hunting room.  This is where the hundreds of sets of hunting dress were taken to be dried, brushed down and treated with all sorts of add things to bring them up to socially elite standard.  What a nightmare some of that would have been!