Acquiring A 20s Theme At The Drop Of A Hat

I was visiting a heritage property the other week.  First trip out for this season and literally full of the joys of spring.  The house itself was rather plain.  What they call a palladian mansion – absolutely symetrical across all elevations with identical windows and doors spaced very evenly.  The internal furnishings and decor were set out in different eras to reflect the various family styles of the previous owners.  I personally found the settings from the 20s and 30s to be more to my taste.  The jazz era sat quite comfortably in amongst those of the earlier, more august regency themes.  As the house had been unlived in for decades since the late 90s, lots of restoration work has been carried out and furniture relevant to the time line has been acquired.  It’s such a good job we have so many really excellent sources of furniture and fabrics – it makes these projects to reset homes in a certain period so much more authentic looking!