A Hunting Room – What Everyone Needs

When you study old houses, it’s amazing how labour intensie those kitchens and laundries used to be.  I help out at a heritage house ad pat of the attraction is to see the ewly opened ‘below stairs experience’.   The Butler’s Pantry starts that part of the tour off – where the footmen used to take […]

Holiday Finds Influence Change Of Decor Direction

Last night was something of a revelation – I’d been looking after a relative’s little dog whilst they’d been away on holiday and a ‘thank you’ evening was arranged.  Great idea, they’d brought back port and ideas for tapas and other fist foods for an indoor picnic.  I tried all kinds of things that I’d […]

Christmas Sorted -Time To Enjoy My New Decor

As we sit here in the blistering heat of a summer’s day it probably seems a bit strange to be also thinking ahead to winter time and that comes with it – the marvellously over the top festival period of christmas and new year.  Previous years have been anxiety ridden, very spending based and not […]

Complete Furnishing Turnaround Brings Results

If you’ve stayed put in your home for quite a few years, like I have, it can be pretty daunting to get out there and start looking for more modern furniture and effects.   It’s so easy to get into a comfort zone with the current 3 piece suite, after all it’s still gots lots of […]

Multi Colour Choices Bring Cheer Back Home

For the last few years there has been a generally grim, grey and black side to home decor and furnishings.  Every single advertisement in a magazine would involve a suite in some sort of grey, or black with grey.  I seriusly began to wonder if we’d entered a dark period in social history.  I personally […]

Classy Relatives – Holidaying In Style

I have been staying away from home with some relatives.  It was absolutely fab as they have a really gorgeous house and have been very selective over their choice of furniture and effects.  Nothing too loud or bulky – very pale colours to keep the light airy nature of the house pure.  The carpet is […]

Updated On Furnishings To Modernise Home

Oh how this grim very wet weather is making everyone feel tetchy and bad tempered.  Down the town this morning I noted that folk were getting upset over the smallest little thing – in shop doorways and in the supermarket car park.  We are always more relaxed and happier in nature when the weather is […]

First Home Filled With Pre Loved Easy Chairs

When you move from your parents’ place out to your first flat or lodgings, you generally get whatever happens to be in that room when you rent.  Can be pretty ghastly on the whole.  After a wee while you gather the strength and finance to move on up to a house of your own.  Furniture […]

A Oak Wood Table By Any Other Name

In the last few days I have found myself wandering around various out of town furniture emporiums.  A close relative is in the middle of a rather long winded house move and whilst they await the return of their conveyancing solicitor to finish the deal etc, we thought a spot of inspirational ‘window’ shopping wouldn’t […]

Families Need Multi Functional Furniture

Tinkling glasses being carefully carried around the guests – the champers fizzing nicely and the guests mingling trying to balance small plae with canapes in one hand, glass of fizz in the other and shake hands with a newly introduced guest at the same time.  No wonder there can be a problem with furniture needing […]