Beautiful Homely Showrooms Kick Start Shopping

This is truly a strange period for the country – we’ve had a confusing and quite bizarre couple of years that have not entirely sorted out our exit from the eu.  This in turn has caused a lack of confidence in the country and families seem to be taking a long time to decide on changes they want to make to their home and garden.  When political issues take so much time, this saps all the energy for more interesting projects and very often folk leave things and leave things until they become confronted with a domestic disaster.    I was travelling recently and happened to visit a really outstanding homewares and garden shop that seemed to have absolutely everything beautiful anyone could wish for.   The antique furniture was there to be sold but not before it had displayed masses of other products – pretty household linens and stunningly beautiful soaps and body products.  Each section had another selection of stock within it and with the exsquisite furnishings and artwork, there was a feeling that this reflected a real home.