Being Able To Grow Into & Appreciate A Home

One of the lovelier aspects of not having to go out to another liocation to work, is the chance to really get to know my house well.   For many years I would trundle out of the house early in the morning, sit in the commuter queue going into the next town.  The days when I was able to travel elsewhere were much appreciated and in any new town, I found myself looking up and down the high street for good quality furniture and furnishing shops and maybe a nearby one that would offer the best possible kitchens and bathrooms.  These things restore the soul when you’re feeling miserable about having to get from A to B in the rain!  I love looking at magazine style stores that offer roomscapes for you to test out their best furniture settings.   Being at home allows me time to really get to know my home and to ustilise the rooms better – now I’m not rushing to leave it all the time!