Bend & Stretch For Bodies & Minds

It’s a strange thing about casual acquaintances – such as the chaps I know as ‘light sociables’ i.e. I only meet up with them weekly at a stretch and exercise class.  We have a general chit chat for a few minutes before the start of our group session and then we don’t meet up again until exactly the same time the following week.   However it’s very interesting to note the massive amount of conversation and knowledge we exchange in those few minutes.  I learned recently that there’s a very good supplier of work tops locally – a company that makes and supplies them.  Nothing imported.  Then another chat line mentioned about good quality furnishings now being available at one of the old superstore buildings on an old retail park.  Web sites were advised and all sorts of other very positive info flowed.  The gardens weren’t left out either.  I was looking for a new slim waterbut and stand to add to my existing one – the need to conserve water every summer is pressing in my mind – in the summer!  So the weekly class has more to offer than we think.