Both Decor & Gardens Need Winter Planning

Christmas by the roaring fire . . .   so much of that will be coming our way shortly and we just love it don’t we!  But in the back of the minds of those more serious gardeners and allotment owners, there’s that nagging desire to be out in that very fresh air, digging and dibbing to our other heart’s content.  Decor and gardens are the things that take up a lot of time – one most in the winter months, planning and organising a refurb of any room that needs it and the garden all spring and summer.  Both need planning and extensive research online to find the very best ideas for the job.  The best planning saves much time and disappointment.  A younger relative has had a very miserable gardening year so far – the strange up and down temperature and constantly changing rain and soaring sun has all but wiped out most of his vegetable and salad crops.  It really is disheartening.  He says now that he should have planned for an winter in the summer !