Bringing Inside Soe Healthy Outside In Winter

In winter time we are obviously far more interested in keeping warm and cosy than wandering about outside enjoying the air and the scenery.  This is sometimes a pity as we get so wrapped up in the home comforts that we overlook a very natural and completely free area of entertainment, health promotion and well being centred activity!   True it can be jolly messy if we don boots and wander about willy nilly.  To get the most out of life, we really do need to walk more and of course, most gardens are not designed for an hour’s hike.  We need to get out to the local country park or heritage property garden.  However we can bring some of the delights of a garden into our home over the winer period with foliage based vased arrangements.   If you live near a fir wood, you will probably be able to find small sprays of nordic fir for example.  Indoor plants are also fantastic for raising the healthy levels inside – we breathe out carbon diomide and plants lap it up – cleaning the air about us.  Win Win all the way.