Bringing The Outside In With Perfect Plant Pictures

One of the things I admired my mother in law for was her ability to bring out the best of the season with her choice of soft furnishings and ornaments.  Over the many years of marriage she had collected all sorts of small objects, mostly with a floral theme.  Perhaps because her birthday always seemed to coincide with our Mothering Sunday, she had many items that reflected bulbs and early shrubs – having a sunroom going across the back of the bungalow gave her lots of window ledge space on which to display these.  I had not realised how powerful a well placed glass picture on a plate stand could be until I saw her stained glass one with pale yellow tulips – exactly reflecting those huge swathes of tulips in her garden at that time.  The same went in early winter when the tulips picture had been replaced with the stained glass one of poppies.    The poppy symbolises rememberance day so perfectly – her garden didn’t have poppies in because they’re an early summer thrill, but hr showy dahlias and and red roses matches perfectly.