Browsing For Modern Home & Garden Themes

I have been looking around for an updated theme for my house.  I’ve had the same sitting room furniture for nearly twenty years and although the tough leather suite is still offering great service, and the matching pouffe is still in shape, the poor old book case could do with some resuscitation as the shelves are bowing just a little more than looks comfortable for my books and dvds!  I do really enjoy looking at online home, gardening and furnishing sites to get a hand on what’s available and likely to stay ‘modern’ for as long as I’m likely to want it all too.  There seems to be a move back to lighter wood scandi style seating with matching console tables and bureaux.  These are a nice change from the rather stark teak or birch coloured man made items we all bought a few years ago!  The online sites are great for offering choice, ideas, options for style – so that’s the lounge, now for the garden ideas!