Bringing The Outside In With Perfect Plant Pictures

One of the things I admired my mother in law for was her ability to bring out the best of the season with her choice of soft furnishings and ornaments.  Over the many years of marriage she had collected all sorts of small objects, mostly with a floral theme.  Perhaps because her birthday always seemed […]

Both Decor & Gardens Need Winter Planning

Christmas by the roaring fire . . .   so much of that will be coming our way shortly and we just love it don’t we!  But in the back of the minds of those more serious gardeners and allotment owners, there’s that nagging desire to be out in that very fresh air, digging and dibbing […]

Rekindling Love Of Decor & Garden Shops

The best of the spring weather is about to hit our shores and for the first time in months, families can start to really unwind and enjoy shopping for their homes and gardens.  The big out of town emporiums full of furnishings, soft and comfy . . . .  curtains and other window dressings.   So […]

From Basics To Bijoux Hotel Luxe

I have been taking care of a very much older lady lately – she was widowed this summer after many years of marriage but the last twenty marred by her husband’s illness.  As I’ve got to know her more, I’ve had opportunities to visit her house and take in the exsquisite furniture and effects – […]

Space Needs Have Not Lessened, Just Changed

Fashions certainly do change – be they for clothing or furniture and furnishings in the home.  Sometimes we follow like sheep towards one really exciting new theme and other times we quietly get on with making subtle moves in a particular direction.    One bugbear is developers who do not provide even a decent sized small […]

Enjoying Delightful English Country House

I was sat with some elderly neighbours recently – taking tea in their very attractive garden.    There was something splendidly English about the tea service, perfectly placed on a tray on the small patio table.  We were grouped at the end of the garden in the shady wooded area, out of the sun.  Looking back […]

New Sideboard Sets Off Chain Reaction

If furniture was available on the weekly household shopping list, I am sure we would all like to get stuck in and order it more regularly – there really is something very exciting about going round show rooms and invisaging that gorgeous plush little number in our main room, or that chest of drawers in […]

Bend & Stretch For Bodies & Minds

It’s a strange thing about casual acquaintances – such as the chaps I know as ‘light sociables’ i.e. I only meet up with them weekly at a stretch and exercise class.  We have a general chit chat for a few minutes before the start of our group session and then we don’t meet up again […]

Style For Isle In The Med Not Right Here

Ahh this grim weather going on and on for days and weeks.  It is quite wearying and makes you want to move on out to somewhere warm and sunny.    I was thinking that very thing a few days ago and decided to chat to my chum who lives in just such a place.  She and […]

Bringing Inside Soe Healthy Outside In Winter

In winter time we are obviously far more interested in keeping warm and cosy than wandering about outside enjoying the air and the scenery.  This is sometimes a pity as we get so wrapped up in the home comforts that we overlook a very natural and completely free area of entertainment, health promotion and well […]