Bringing Inside Soe Healthy Outside In Winter

In winter time we are obviously far more interested in keeping warm and cosy than wandering about outside enjoying the air and the scenery.  This is sometimes a pity as we get so wrapped up in the home comforts that we overlook a very natural and completely free area of entertainment, health promotion and well […]

Beautiful Homely Showrooms Kick Start Shopping

This is truly a strange period for the country – we’ve had a confusing and quite bizarre couple of years that have not entirely sorted out our exit from the eu.  This in turn has caused a lack of confidence in the country and families seem to be taking a long time to decide on […]

Winter Solace Needed When Summer Fades

The start of autumn approaches. . . . .  Now that’s not our usual way of describing this time of year.  We normally say that summer is fading and for some reason it seems less daunting for those folk who feel wholely uncomfortable with the arrival of anything remotely wintery.  The first signs that our […]

New Eras Of Modern Furnishing Ideas

In the 1970s there was a mood of optimism amongst the up and coming families.   Many of them now had more money than their parents had enjoyed and new designers were coming on to the scene – making houses and the interior decorating of them much more exciting.  No longer did everyone have the same […]

Garden Benefits Come Ten Fold

This time of  year in the garden is quite magical – or it can be.  This of course rather depends on what else is going on out there at the same time.  We all know that the lawn mower brigade never seem to be in sync – as soon as one noisy petrol mower has […]

Colour Change Is As Good As Total Refurb

It’s amazing just how effective certain changes are to making a room setting look refreshed.  The use of curtains and  soft furnishings dramatically alters a space from being light and airy to suddenly darker and more sober – maybe also adding a darker window blind that tones with the curtains.   I did this in one […]

Browsing For Modern Home & Garden Themes

I have been looking around for an updated theme for my house.  I’ve had the same sitting room furniture for nearly twenty years and although the tough leather suite is still offering great service, and the matching pouffe is still in shape, the poor old book case could do with some resuscitation as the shelves […]

Acquiring A 20s Theme At The Drop Of A Hat

I was visiting a heritage property the other week.  First trip out for this season and literally full of the joys of spring.  The house itself was rather plain.  What they call a palladian mansion – absolutely symetrical across all elevations with identical windows and doors spaced very evenly.  The internal furnishings and decor were […]

Light And Spacious For A Calming Conservatory

The great thing about having the family around over a holiday period is the fun and jolly atmosphere when everyone’s gathered.  Snippets of gossip and news are exchanged and views sought.  Everyone should be mucking in to make it a truly happy occasion.  There is the drawback though of a lot of work and if […]

Being Able To Grow Into & Appreciate A Home

One of the lovelier aspects of not having to go out to another liocation to work, is the chance to really get to know my house well.   For many years I would trundle out of the house early in the morning, sit in the commuter queue going into the next town.  The days when I […]