Climate Changes Confusing Spring Bulb Shows

The spring is such a variable time of year these days.  Gone is that prectability of lukewarm sunshine interspersed with sporadic showers.  We have to be prepared for all weathers now.  In fact, spring time is only just recognisable because of the flowers and bulbs that are still fairly reliable.  The changes in climate over the last few years has made the garden look different – plants are getting confused with having warmer sunny days in winter, this encourages them to start their yearly cycle off weeks earlier than  normal.  This is turn means that instead of a garden full of spring bulbs in April we are getting them popping up in January and February.  This makes a great deal of difference to our outlook onto the garden from indoors – our furnishings and homes are decorated with these considerations in mind.  For example, we tend to dress our master bedroom in much paler soft furnishings in spring and summer to reflect and absorb the sunlight that comes in and we bring in vases of fresh cut flowers.  But if they change their ‘show time’ we have to think of other ideas.