Colour Change Is As Good As Total Refurb

It’s amazing just how effective certain changes are to making a room setting look refreshed.  The use of curtains and  soft furnishings dramatically alters a space from being light and airy to suddenly darker and more sober – maybe also adding a darker window blind that tones with the curtains.   I did this in one of my houses, not so long ago – wanting to refurb and redecorate; both options completely out of the question at that time.  I changed the wall colour from the flat matt magnolia from when the builder finished the house.  This time I chose Ivory Silk – sounds odd but I was advised that this colour would appear warm but very light and offer a constant sunny sheen whether in shade or light.  This has proven very true and I’m still loving every wall finished in it!  To compliment, I added curtains cream base but with lots of dark red tapestry effect pattern.  To this I then added exactly the same dark red, in plain cushion.  To have matched the curtains and cushions was just that bit too twee for my tastes.