Decor Updates To Reflect Celebrations

Well we’ve definitely been jubilee’d out – four days of celebrations and parties for the royal family, but especially the queen, platinum for 70 years on the throne.  Of corse the younger generation do find it hard to imagine what we older ones are feeling.   They do see the RH as a money guzzling operation – perhaps because there has been relatively little trouble in the country, it’s very stable and we are all hundreds of times better off than many folk in other parts of the globe.  However the amount of spending the overseas visitors do when they come to share our good fun is incredible and our treasury benefits with the taxes that are paid from many and varied sources.  Also when we have national celebrations, families have a tendency to spend on new furnishings and do their gardens and homes up.  Decor and image update are all part of the fun in a big celebratory year – we may not be royal or special ourselves but we can look the part at home.