Extending Life To Outside The Happy Home

Ah ha, seeing a pic of a gloriously bright winter fire.  Doesn’t it just makeyou want to curl up on that sofa and not creepout anywhere until spring?  Not this year – after being in lockdown for so long, we are desperately getting out there to visit houses, gardens, fields . . .  recreation grounds.  Anything that offers the chance to look at something fresh and not at all conected with our own surroundings, which we are rather too familiar with now.   However, this has meant that emphasis on home skills has taken a greater part for families.  Gardening has rally taken off as a hobby, but because we are needing to look again at our water useage, new ideas about drought resistant planting and care are very popular – especially amongst young families.  Furnishings tend to reflect the outside and we look to ways of extending our inner spaces to the outside for that calmness so readily available, away from electronoc gizmos, tvs and noise in general!