Garden Benefits Come Ten Fold

This time of  year in the garden is quite magical – or it can be.  This of course rather depends on what else is going on out there at the same time.  We all know that the lawn mower brigade never seem to be in sync – as soon as one noisy petrol mower has done its job and has been wrestled back to it’s corner of the shed, and then another one starts up and so on.  I ought to drop a note to all my neighbours and ask if they could try co-ordinating their start times!  Another point about life out in the garden is how much space we leave oursleves on that patio  – its very easy to fill it all with wonderful containers and tubs full of colour and vibrancy.  This of course prevents us from taking a nice restful lie down out there.  What’s needed is a robot to do the repetitive tasks like watering and washing out & in again.  Searching on this wonderful garen and gifting site makes me realise how glorious the hobby garden can be at all times of the year, so long as we don’t bottle it when asking for neighbourly cover occurs.