Heritage Garden Spurs Lighting Improvement

One of the joys of summer months is being able to visit heritage houses and gardens – something I’ve not been able to at all for a couple of years.   Just being able to look at a formal garden for example, the way the lawns are laid out and the proportions of the flower beds and borders to the lawn areas can really make the difference between ordinary and extraordinarily eye catching.  I have often thought about putting some lighting around in my outside space – being able to illuminate the darker recesses makes evening jaunts to the bins more appealing if nothing else.  I had that problem resolved by installing security lighting on the corner of the house.  One points down the path leading to the side gate out to the front and the other light pointing across the rear garden, taking in the major lawn area and lighting up the route to the compost and green bins but also highlighting the prettier borders which look almost exciting at night!