Holiday Finds Influence Change Of Decor Direction

Last night was something of a revelation – I’d been looking after a relative’s little dog whilst they’d been away on holiday and a ‘thank you’ evening was arranged.  Great idea, they’d brought back port and ideas for tapas and other fist foods for an indoor picnic.  I tried all kinds of things that I’d never pick from a deli or other more exotic food outlet.  this rather sums up how I’ve approached adult life since owning a home than needs regular decorating and furnishing!  However recently I have been bolder and moved away from the safety of magnolia walls, cream leather furniture and honey carpet.  I have ventured towards the bold feature fireplace colour of deepest red, picked out in rich tapesty curtains.  The basics have had to remain but the accessorising has made such a difference.  All from browsing this very modern home furnishing and decor web site.  Hurrah.