New Eras Of Modern Furnishing Ideas

In the 1970s there was a mood of optimism amongst the up and coming families.   Many of them now had more money than their parents had enjoyed and new designers were coming on to the scene – making houses and the interior decorating of them much more exciting.  No longer did everyone have the same old fashioned moquette cover settee and chairs in their front room – in fact some families went with the new idea of black leatherette single recliner armchairs for everyone or a long low bench seat.  These fashions of course came and went, as all fads do.  But some of the innovations remain and we enjoy a much more relaxed style of living as a result of these free thinkers managing to break the stranglehold of unexciting and rather tedious designs for the home!  the massive Swedish furniture store started their mass production and mass selling into homes in the early 1990s and we  have never looked back – they brought freshness and exciting possibilities with very cheap prices.  No putting that genie back in the bottle, that’s for sure!