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Bonfire Party Pooch Panics Cause Havoc

Ahha, the bright lights of a bonfire party – lots of folk wandering in and out of the house.  The carpet’s taking a right pasting, that’s for sure.  But at least everyone is having a really good time.  The first bonfire party held here for some years I think.  Getting rather fed up with the […]

Desperately Missing Neutrals For Colour

Halloween time comes around very quickly here  – lots of families with children who eagerly embrace fads and are suckers for the advertising overload.  Immediately after the summer holidays, we have the start of the Christmas ones and these include one or two variants.  I was amaed to find on leading furniture megastore had somehow […]

Moving Nightmares Need Injection Of Joy

I know a young couple who are in the middle of a nightmare moving situation.  They were thrilled when their selling agent phoned and said Mr. X was putting an offer on their house, the very same evening that the first two viewings had taken place.  They already have a place to buy – the […]