Preparing The Patio Set For Over Wintering

There’s that unmistakable whiff of autumn in the air now and thoughts are going towards packing away that lovely wooden patio furniture.  I know several folk who feel the need to purchase a new set of patio gear every season but when you’ve invested in teak or other wooden beauties, it only needs some thought as to how to look after them, and they will reward you for years to come.  Cleaning every inch of them is prerequisite – no amount of dust, soil, living organic material must be on them when stored over winter.  A good brush down and scrubbing off tough marks.  Then when all dry, either moving everything into a dry garage or shed, or covering with purpose made patio covers will keep them looking good for another couple of years.   We have to be mindful of the need to keep and reuse things instead of constantly changing.  But if something genuinely needs replacing, then taking time to research garden set suppliers and furnishings will aid us to make the right decision.