Royal Wedding Sparks Home Improvement Frenzy

We’ve enjoyed several big public occasions this year – two royal weddings and at least two royal babies born and now we have the excitement of yet another royal pregnancy to keep the news editors happy!  These incidents are the mainstay of our newspaper industry and for the most part, keep the rest of us informed and entertained.  I don’t think though that we make quite as much of it as families used to.  I can well remember back in the mid 1970s, when the Queen’s only daughter got married, for the first time, my mother went to town – she had the lounge decorated and we bought new curtains and soft furnishings.  I think it helped that we enjoyed colour television reaching our shores at last too.  Another fantastic change to our domestic bliss was the arrival of a household telephone –  such home improvements  have been repeated but not so many in such a short space of time!