Seasonal Changes Bring New Decor Themes

It’s that glorious time of year when christmas and new year are well and truly behind us, the spring is thinking about making an appearance, and we have a few weeks to think about how we want to redecorate and reorganise our homes.  Decor can be such an emotive subject – as can how we arrange all the furniture and effectcs in our homes.  Furnishings for example – the colour trends change rapidly from year to year – we go from a long stay of greys/black and other dull cold colours, then suddenly we have a burst of sunshine colours.  This can be so bright if it reflects the garden through the patio doors – having some lush garden themed drapes, window dressings etc. can really help to bring the garden inside.  So a good relaxing time leading up to the first big social whirl of the new year – Easter.   And as we know, Easter means decorating and diy shopping!