Space Needs Have Not Lessened, Just Changed

Fashions certainly do change – be they for clothing or furniture and furnishings in the home.  Sometimes we follow like sheep towards one really exciting new theme and other times we quietly get on with making subtle moves in a particular direction.    One bugbear is developers who do not provide even a decent sized small garden.   To make the most of each square metre of building land, developers have managed to squeeze as many houses on each field/plot. Whereas in the 1950s when every effort was put in to building homes for Britons who fought in the war or had been bombed out by it, there is now no compunction to provide proper family gardens or driveways for that matter.  It’s understandable that gardens were always going to be a luxury after the first wave of ‘Dig For Britain’ was over, but to now provide room for only one car per house is desperately stupid and naive – trying to pretend that if they don’t provide the space, families will buy less cars!