Visiting Houses & Gardens Inspires Us All

Well what a winter we’ve been going through.  Normally at this time of year our family starts getting excited about booking the summer camping holiday.   Before that, we renew our subscriptions to the historic house and heritage organisations so we have a chance to look up places we want to camp nearby.  We love checking out these fantastic older properties – castles, manor houses, the lot.  It inspires us to try and live our lives in a reasonably upmarket way!  Homes that can be decorated and refurbished are quite a popular choice amongst the younger element in the buying world – the opportunity to put their stamp on an existing home and really turn it around with a fantastic kitchen and exsquisite furnishings, surrounded by glorious decor.  Of course, the gardens are an important feature too now  – being able to wander around a historic property and then the gardens is a truly glorious way of spending a few precious family hours.