Winter Solace Needed When Summer Fades

The start of autumn approaches. . . . .  Now that’s not our usual way of describing this time of year.  We normally say that summer is fading and for some reason it seems less daunting for those folk who feel wholely uncomfortable with the arrival of anything remotely wintery.  The first signs that our gardens are drying up and plants going over to seed, needing the fine pruning and clearing that cleanses some souls.  It’s time to take in delicate plants and bulbs and wrap up the static ones.   Visits to garden centres take on a caring and nuturing theme with over winter materials bought by the car load.  And the ponds need pre winter attention too – clearing dead and dying foliage to stop water borne disease.   The same as at the end of winter when Spring cleaning does the same.   There really are many people who cannot cope with winter – the receding daylight hours and general dimness about seems to unsettle them and I do personally know many people who feel genuinely depressed and on edge because of the darker days and nights.  I encourage any such worriers to get a grip and find a decent garden centre to wander round for inspiration and enlightenment!